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Welcome To SN95Source.com: mineralgreyGT

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Everyone please welcome mineralgreyGT to SN95Source.com.

mineralgreyGT Please tell us about yourself and your car(s) and feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you for being part of the Source community!

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Hey all found this forum through iRoush and his posts on moddedmustangs


I have a 02 GT full bolt ons minus headers with a V2 S-trim IC'd running 10psi @6000 RPM, no numbers yet. 03 Cobra brakes, 03 Cobra IRS with some mods but looking to do the FTBR upgrades. CO with 12-250s but want to try 325s. FLSFC, CC plates, stifflers K -member brace (in the mail), custom 3D printed vent gauge pods, bunch of other mods I cant remember, its a pretty big list lol. Starting to dip into a better suspension setup going to try autoX this year looks really interesting. 


My other ride which is my daily driver/family car is an 05 Dodge Magnum R/T with SRT8 suspension, Borla header back exhaust, intake and predator tune, on the prowl for a used tranzformer shifting unit.


thats pretty much it, this site drew me in mainly due to the fact that its all SN95s :D

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