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Old Yeller

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Just picked up what I plan to be my daily driver. My first pushrod in years. It has a completely almost new (5 thousand miles) forged 302 bored to a 306. All the receipts to back up the work. I got the car pretty cheap, but has two issues. Reverse is shot as in no reverse. 1-5th work great, but no reverse. The car has a carb. I like the carb OK, just use to EFI.


Not a fan of Yellow, but it's growing on me.





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Nice! Congrats, how is the mileage with the carb on it?


Thanks! Haven't drove it enough to tell. Reverse is out, so I've been limited on where I can go. Also it needs an inspection sticker and the place who puts my stickers on, would have a hard time pushing it out. I've been looking for three days for a T5 transmission. Super hard to find. I'm not a fan of the Holley Avenger 670. I think I'm going to take it off and either go back EFI or a Holley 650 DP mechanical secondary.


Damn, I like it! Super clean car!



Thanks! No plans to do anything big with it. I still have my Mystic and that's the one I put money in. This one will be my daily driver. It has a nice cam hit. :)

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Nice ride, congrats!


very nice!!! and its yellow BONUS


love the strut tower brace!!!! 



ugh that yellow looks sooo nice. needs different wheels, but damn looks like a clean ass car. I really want it!


Thanks guys! I'm not digging the Mach 1 rims either. Brand new tires, only draw back is they're 17 and not 18. Couldn't afford new tires, so If I get rims, they will have to be 17s.

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I'm still a fan of the mach 1 wheels.  Maybe it is more function over presentation for me.  If those Mach1 wheels are in good shape, hit me up when you decide to part with them!  Mine have seen better days, but it was the deal of the year when I bought them!  


I think they are a good option for a daily driver, like my 94 GT.  For example - you're not a slave to polishing them, they wont flex like an aluminum wheel, they are 17x8 - so they have the potential of putting almost 9 inches of rubber on the road and still 17 inch - so the tires aren't terribly expensive.  

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