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My quest to drop 1 second on my ET in the 1/4

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Well.. this past year I finally got the car to the track full weight with me in it is setting at 3540lb.. mods are

*3.73 gear

*rebuilt Trac-loc w/cobra carbon fiber clutch packs

*walbro 255 fuel pump

*J-mod on the trans

*full exhaust (shorty headers,2.5"bbk off road H-pipe,flowmaster super 44's,2.5" tailpipes to 4"tips)

*gt40p heads

*comp dual springs w/10* locks and retainers

*Explorer intake

*cold air intake

*bbk FPR

*H&R super sports.

*new prothane bushings throughout 100% of the suspension

*new motor and trans mounts as well

*comp cams magnum series double roller timing set

*drilled and slotted rotors w/hawk pads

*18x9 and 18x10 bullitts w/255's up front and 295's out back

The car ran a best of 14.69 in the quarter at nearly 97mph,crappy 60ft,crappy launch.. but i am on a mission to kill 1 full second on the same tires.. then I will know 12's can be just a set of slicks away...



The video..


Ok just an FYI nitrous or any other power adder is not an option,this is a bet I have going. Lol

What I am allowed to do, timing changes (on distributor), more bolt ons,and weight reduction.. so that's the route I'm hitting lol

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Ok mods I've added thus far,and things I'm working on..

*Retarded the stock HO cam 4*


*Purchased some bbk underdrive pullies

*1.72 crane roller rockers


*purchased a port and polish kit from jegs.. gonna try to hit the intakes,head work I'm saving for when the engine is pulled and rebuilt

*doing a rear seat delete

*removing the rear speaker box for the mach 460 (bypassed anyway)

*removing front sway bar for weight transfer

*stock rear springs 1 coil cut ,drag bag right rear

*added a Tru - cool trans cooler with temp gauge

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What kind of tires? I would expirement with air pressure, launch RPMs, and heating the tires. There are small things you can do for weight savings without making the car unbearable. Do a tune-up, ice the intake, anything else anyone can think of. Last is practice.

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Yeah I have a set of big and littles I will use with slicks for later next year.. and suspension is being changed up and tad, but the bet is to hit it on these tires.. and I aim to do it.. especially before I fab another turbo kit or blower setup.. or whatever.. but for now.. I aim to take this one head on lol

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Well picked up a 76mm c&l maf and intake setup cheap!,as well as a 70mm TB to accent it all off well.. now hopefully the port work will possibly be worth it all,had to get rid of the bottleneck in the intake setup! Anything helps I suppose lol


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I have decided to possibly do away with the underdrives, the temp and all are good, but the voltage gauge bounces if under 900 rpm.. and get super low.. so.. I may just throw the stockers back on and roll with them



Just pull the pulley off the alt and replace with the stocker if your worried, leave the crank and wp underdrives on it.

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Well.. picked up 12 ft of 1x2 1/8" tubing, and 2ft of 2x2 14g tubing, making subframes in the spring from scratch, full seam welding.. . Also thanks to @The Mk2. I've got a set of eibach drag launch springs coming as well.. should have a nice bonus check from work as well.. this will purchase a set of drag radials for it.. unless I find a big and little setup pretty reasonably priced.

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I can, but I welded plate to mine, and did full poly bushings throughout the whole car.. I'm going to see how it hooks up, if it still has trouble then I'm going to go with some new ones and relocate the uppers... as of now I still need to fab up the subframe connectors and weld up and reinforce the torque boxes.

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