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Orange 94

Orange 94's March Shoot

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It's been odly warm in alberta lately...I couldn't resist the temptation any longer and decided to get the car out... in March. Weird.

Anyways, took some pictures to practice with the camera.

16782521266_20e95860ee_c.jpgIMG_0627.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16621029740_b4ac806e1a_c.jpgIMG_0633.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16188487363_9bec42b183_c.jpgIMG_0634.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16626240360_9ed658163a_c.jpgIMG_0644.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16626234780_f8e9e4d42f_c.jpgIMG_0639.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16812513421_5d131bd87a_c.jpgIMG_0673.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16191261014_4949669361_c.jpgIMG_0670.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16813599075_41f796ed68_c.jpgIMG_0669.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16812497642_013326efa1_c.jpgIMG_0667.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16626036818_8308fd9973_c.jpgIMG_0665.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16193664813_17e3305bcc_c.jpgIMG_0666.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

16807305672_3a42b8cfe5_c.jpgIMG_0662.jpg by richaaarrrddd, on Flickr

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Gorgeous! What special treatment is she getting this year

Not sure! we'll see, depends on where/what I get for a job when I graduate.

I have something special lined up... but I might need to pass on it if have to move away.

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the last pic....did you have some sort of lighting you used for that pic?

Nope! Was driving around and saw how a street light oddly cut off. Thought I should try in that spot

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The 6th photo stands out the most to me. Great looking car.

I just wanna know where the hell is all your snow? Lol

oh it's back now...

On sunday it went from Summer to rainy spring and back to snow within hours haha.

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