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First off the staff at SN95Source would like to congratulate Waylon and his wife on the birth of their new baby girl.  So if you are trying to get a hold of him at the moment he's currently busy right now lol.  If you haven't read on how this birth was different than their sons birth you can read the article here.


On top of that we'd like to announce that TMI has signed on for another year as a Sponsor of SN95Source so make sure when the time comes to work on that interior you give @Waylon@TMI at shout to answer any questions you may have.

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Do we get any deals with tmi?!?

I only ask cause I'll be redoin interior soon and that's who I was looking at going thru

This message courtesy of crapatalk!

More than likely he'll direct you to me in which case I will do what I can to assist you in pricing but he can answer a lot of the questions you may have.

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Thanks guys - it was one heck of a crazy day that I expectedly ended with tequila. 


Not only did my mother deliver the baby - she also cleaned the Flex. Thankfully they thought to have towels down :)


Appreciate the congrats and the support !

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