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Painting 2 piece wheel, 1 piece construction (with pro results)

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I realize most can break out a spray can and shoot a wheel (especially cast wheels with no polished lip) without needing a step-by-step. However i've learned a few things that SOME may not know and a few small tricks and tips that can help you achieve professional results.


Supplies needed:


Dawn dish soap

Scotch Brite Pads

Sand Paper (600-1000)

Razor Knife or Blade


Base Color

Clear Coat

Masking Tape (do NOT go cheap here) the orange Rustoleum works great

Roll of vinyl pinstriping 

Paper or Plastic (for covering)



First off....You need to scrub the centers with scotch brite and degreaser. Then follow that with soapy dawn dish soapy water. Rinse and let dry.


Then ya need a wheel :P




I didn't take pics of me actually sanding but you will need to spend some time on this. I started with 600 grit making sure to get all the surface to be painted and NOT the polished lip. Tedious yes! Then went to 800 grit. You can mask off the lip to make it easier but i use soapy water, so the tape will need to be removed and lip wiped down for new tape.


After sanding and wiping everything off with simple soapy water i use a roll of pinstriping for an EXACT tape line. One of the issues with painting wheels with a polished lip is that most of the time the paint will bleed behind masking tape or the tape line is kinda screwy giving it an ugly jagged transition between the lip and centers. Use vinyl pinstriping tape for this.






If you have an old magazine tear pages out. it works great for taping off everything not getting painted. This part is important and the most time consuming.








Front and rear




Then prime the wheel. 2 coats should be good depending on how deep scratches or imperfections are. I LOVE filler primer myself. Fills in little scratches from sanding or imperfections in the wheel.




In between priming and painting base color....i wetsand with 1000 grit. Then start with 2 light coats making sure to keep turning and moving the wheel so you can see all areas. It's very easy to skip spots or not cover completely. Make sure to see all areas after painting to avoid skips....Follow with a final heavier coat. I allow 15 mins in between coats to dry.




3 light coats of clear and 1 heavy coat. Gloss or Matte depending on preference. 


Then peel tape paper off. Then peel vinyl pinstriping tape. This is where you see the results of using pinstriping.




Perfect tape line every time  :2thumb:

















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The detail on the center cap is my favorite part! Trade secret?! WHERE'S THE WRITE UP?!?!?!?!


hahaa yea we in the center cap letter paint trade keep that hush hush  :ph34r:



actually unless you have center caps with engraved letters it wouldn't work out what i did

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"This week on the chronicles of Tony's car, we'll watch him sand down his wheels for the 7th time, so he can paint them the same color they originally were.  Stay tuned!" 





Actually I think @KidK9 will need to view this so that he may continue the tradition where @tony left off. ;)  :2thumb:

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I don't think I saw this the first time when it was posted, I definitely will remember the tip to use pinstriping.


And I still really liked this gray color on the wheels. I can't wait to see what shoes Tony's car will be rolling on next!

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Ha! I think I'll just add a couple of touches.

Since i have a ton of pics of those wheels i can photoshop them on your vert with tons of color options lol. when your car is in the painting stages send me some pics and i'll go nuts  :D

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Since i have a ton of pics of those wheels i can photoshop them on your vert with tons of color options lol. when your car is in the painting stages send me some pics and i'll go nuts  :D


Maybe they will finally be painted copper!  :P  ;)

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