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Corey's Mach 1

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I've been quietly looking for a Mach 1 for awhile, and finally came across a nice one. Picked it up about a week ago. 03, low miles, Comp Cams, SLP headers, full magnaflow exhaust, intake, coilovers. It's been well kept, and I'm very happy with it! Here's some iphone pics until I can get some decent ones!








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1 hour ago, 95riosnake said:

Congrats! I love the look of a Mach with a stripe delete, it really brings out the cowl of the hood. Auto or manual?


It's a manual. The short shifter in it is real tight, shifts nice. I couldn't be happier with it it.


I'm not sure what I want to do about the stripes. I like it clean like this, but I like the stripes too.


I'll prob end up replacing the headlights since these arent too sharp anymore, and put some new wheels on. I may end up replacing the front bumper too, it's a little rough. I don't have too much else planned for her. Just want to enjoy it.

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I think doing the mach stripes in a different color could be pretty awesome. Imagine them in red, metallic gray, metallic blue, etc. Could give you the Mach look but set you apart from the rest :drink_to_that:

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Wow, I haven't updated this in quite some time.


The throw-out bearing blew up shortly after I had it at the track, so I changed the flywheel/clutch combo to a McLeod unit. Gutted the cats since most of the material inside must have blown out anyhow. Replaced the faded headlights with new ones. Replaced the worn out floor mats with Mach 1 mats. Picked up some Rovos and Nittos for it, a pair of Cobra mirrors and a Cobra bumper. Fixed a few paint blemishes along the way too.


I just started with Flickr, so hopefully this all works. Onto some pics:















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18 minutes ago, Prokiller said:

looking really good Corey.  i can't believe we still haven't gotten together yet.  


Thanks Ryan. Yea, I don't get out enough. I'm sure our paths will cross sooner or later :drink_to_that:

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