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The new DD subi inside

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My honda took a shit on me a couple of weeks ago and i started looking for a new DD/ family car/play car. well the only thing that came to mind when i was thinking of what kinda car was an Impreza and i have to a WRX the only way i was getting a subi is that it had to have a turbo lol. And it had to bone stock and i found just what i was looking for. there it was on CL a 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Wagon turbo 5spd and it was even World Rally Blue.



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a buddy of mine has that exact same car. i've driven it a lot andit is definitely a fun car. he says all the time that getting a rear sway bar was the best mod he ever did for that car.

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My buddys brother had one with about 400 horse. Was pretty fun, but scary because he drove like an animal everywhere, through traffic, whatever.

But it looked exactly like that.

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