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Original FR500's on a CW Cobra

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I promised some pictures to some folks a long time ago and have not kept up my promise in a timely manner. So here they are. Just some random crappy cell phone pics.

Thanks to tangerine for the push on buying these wheels. I think they make the car. If you don't recall (which no one does) but I had gay bullitts on it.

18x9 Ford Racing FR500's

I want a spacer in the rear. The back doesn't look as meaty anymore lol.

Thoughts? Comments?




PS the ladies like these wheels better than the gay bullitts I had before, as far as I can tell.

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Sorry bullitt guys :( but I've had those for so long that I just got tired of them. Also every mustang here from 64.5-2013 has them. It's annoying.

Thanks all! I think they made the look of this car as well.

I'd send them to weldcraft for wider rears, would look badass! I always liked the originals better than the replicas. Silver FR's look great on everything, especially white.

Yeah I'd want to do that but I can't bring myself to ruin original FR500s. Than again the seller gave me 2 extras :) I got a great deal on them. Silver FR's are fantastic. Yes I think they look killer on white. Thanks man.

i think they look terrible, save yourself the embarassment of driving it around and sell it to me.


Hahaha thanks man. Hmm we'll see, might be heading to ASU next year and obviously gas mileage isn't great on these cars especially with 4.10s. I didn't it buy it for mpg though. But I may need a car that gets better mileage as part time in retail ain't that great.

They are badass wheels for sure but I still think that all the straight lines looks a little strange on our cars.

I see what you are saying; but if you were here back home and you saw it in person you'd change your mind. It looks crazy good in person. I get people who aren't even interested in cars looking at it. People here hate the SN95 minus the NE; and with these wheels mine manages to get attention a lot more. I've also been complemented by girls which is big points! lol

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+2 on the wing lol. I took off my S281 wing to begin sanding it as it is currently black and the car is not lol. Just haven't started sanding it for paint yet lol.

V8 powa; if you look closely I have an inch of clearance lol, the front bottom didn't rub on the curb. lol I make sure to not hit the curb lol

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