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94-95 export taillights.

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I guess it's because I've never had an SN... but what did these tails come on?  I've only seen a few sets of them before.


Cars exported to Japan or Europe from 94-96, where amber turn signals are a requirement.  97-98 cars had the vertical tails.

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so its not so much a diagram as it is directions....


first off here's a great install from cythar.  this outlines everything else besides making your own harness:



now for the harness.  i'm pretty damn sure this is how i wired mine in but i kinda want to pull my harness to double check now the more i think about it.  don't want you to get to cutting and then realize i told you wrong.  you'll need to cut out the signal wire from one of the existing bulbs.  the signal wires are different on each side.  left is light green/orange stripe where as the right side is orange with light blue stripe.  the turnsignal bulb will only be the signal wire and ground.  the other two bulbs with be brown and ground.   it's easiest to just extend from the cut brown wire for the turn signal bulb to add that in and then splice in another ground.  hardest part is working in the tight area.  you don't want to add a lot of wiring back there but if you don't add enough you won't be able to lock/spin the bulbs in place.  obviously the reverse light you leave alone.

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got my lights wired today. i went to the u-pull-it and got a trunk and light harness to make it look factory, im not a fan of messy wiring.


i add i pig tail to the light harness to bring the brake signal that i tapped from the 3rd brake light wire and add the turn signal bulb.

i had to cut the brake signal wire under the dash to get a clean turn signal only to the new light bulb i added in turn i had to put a LED style flash relay to make it work.   








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