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MUST SEE King Of the Streets Race

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Rules are different in KOTS racing, so before you start yelling about he crossed the center line. It don't matter as long as he crossed behind the guy in the lane beside him.

Racing at the track but on a unpreped (by the track) surface that the racers themselfs prep as they would on the streets.

Another View...

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I saw that a little while ago, and IMO the win was legit. The other car should've never lifted, even if I saw the car in the other lane smash the wall, I'd keep it buried until the other end of the track. Lesson learned for that dude.

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From what I was told the black car had issues and that why he didn't stay in it. The other X275 video I posted is like tjat tho. The camaro backfired off the line and died out but the sn95 was w.o.t all the way down... When there is money on the line your in it to win it :)

Heads up and ass kickin! Using Tapatalk 2

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