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Project Venomous Redux

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Well, a lot has changed since I last posted in here. I guess we will get that out of the way. My wife changed her mind about wanting a child, we planned, we remodeled, we had a little girl in June.





So I sold the White 96 Cobra and picked up a 2001 True Blue roller with 42000 miles on it. These are some former glory pictures before the previous owner blew the engine.





This is what it looked like when the transport dropped her off. I bought the car out of Florida, the car had been sitting for quite a while.




Right now, the plan is a Teksid based build, 10.5:1 CR, worked heads, blower cams, full exhaust, Vortech V1 Si and upgrade later to V7 JT-B, T56, 01 Cobra front bumper, Trufiber 00 R Hood, TMI seats, built IRS, Return System, upgraded audio, fresh paint, I have  a Dark Charcoal swap.

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Congrats on the girl!    That car looked amazing, sad to see how far down hill its gone :-/  Hopefully you'll do it justice and bring it back to its former glory ;) 

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SO, I made a few updates to the plans with this car. These changes are listed above. Will get back with more when I get a chance to do some work.

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