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Wile E Coyote Build

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Not a coyote but the most important part of this build is the Coyote intake. Anyways, I started off with my 5.4 and tore it all the way down to bare block. Sold my stage 3 ported heads and stage 2.5 Last Call Racing cams as well. I upgraded to some Navigator 9 thread heads. They were really dirty when I picked them up.


I cleaned them up pretty good.


I also had this but it did not and will not fit under my Terminator hood.


The runners on the Boss intake were too short for my application and I wont be able to spin my engine past 7k to take advantage of it so the best thing to do is to get a Coyote intake. With that intake, I also had to find some fuel rails that were going to fit my engine. Sure, I could use some Coyote rails and figure out a way to install my FRPS but nah.... I did some research and found out that the 04 3v 5.4 engines have these MASSIVE rails that places the frps on the same side the mustangs do and they have a place to mount them on this intake manifold so I got them.


Now if you are wondering how big these rails are, I had a spare -8AN fuel line to compare it to.


I then began working on the block. I replaced all the bearings, honed the cylinders, and started to install my forged crank, rods, and my Probe 1.320 flat top pistons. These pistons should get me about 11.5 compression with the DOHC heads.




I cleaned up the oil pan since it was a big mess and made it look like new :).



And now the oil pan to get its seal of approval.


After modifying the heads a bit, the intake manifold was finally able to sit down onto the heads. Great thing about everything is that the intake cover fits on my engine.



After so much measuring over and over again, I finally was able to align the intake manifold the way I wanted it.


One bad thing about this is that there is some material hanging by the injector boss. I need to remove this tomorrow.


I was able to get some time and installed my early 99 Cobra cams.


And this is how she sits right now all bolted on and everything.


Right now I have the timing cover on order so I am able to make my own alternator bracket for the engine. I took the idea from when I had the Tork Tech 5.4 kit when it was still a 2v so I will be doing the same for this to relocate my alternator. Once I make the alternator bracket and get the timing chains put together as well, the engine will be going in.

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Thanks man :). This is the most challenging build I have done. Turbo builds, supercharger builds, nitrous builds, all that is cake. Making your own set up from scratch, without anyone having it already done to get advice from is where it gets really challenging. If everything goes well I will be putting my engine back inside my car next week :).

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thats awesome man! make sure to edit the cover to say 5.4 ;p

That I will. When I posted that picture on my Ortiz Performance Facebook page, everyone and I mean EVERYONE was going, "Man thats a badass 5.0" or "I don't like Fords but I respect that 5.0" so trust me, I don't want that badge lol.

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The idea for this came from Todd AKA NASVT yeh?

Yeah. I wish he would have completed the entire swap so I would have something to base my build off of. He just laid out the idea and I commend him for that, just really wished he would have finished what he started lol.

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Got the intake manifold off and ported the extra material around the fuel injector boss. Everything looks great now. While I was bolting the intake manifold on, one of the holes where I drilled and tapped stripped. I wasn't really surprised since these are m6x1 threads so it was bound to happen. I have always trusted m8x1.25 bolts for boost and everything so I drilled and tapped it again for that size bolt. Now it tightens hard as hell. UPS man never got here so I guess everything else will have to wait.

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Well this is a cool build. Besides the grinding on the injector hole, what else was needed to make the intake fit? Is it that much of a direct bolt on?

Tons and I mean TONS of measuring and testing to make sure everything lines up correctly, grinding away material on the sides of the heads, drilling and tapping new bolt holes, removing material from the bottom of the intake manifold as well, adding bolts in the center where there is no material in the heads so that the middle runners can seal perfect, and more stuff I may be forgetting.

Anyways, I finally got my damn timing cover but no bolts :(. Either way, I can finally start planning out how I want to make my alternator bracket. When I got the timing cover it was all black, I cleaned it up and spray painted to match :).


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Very cool project for sure!

I would leave the plastic engine cover off, but that's just personal preference. I have never liked covers, I like seeing all the cool stuff underneath :)

I'm going to as well. I just wanted to post it up for other people to know that it can be mounted if desired.

Hah, gotcha. You were like, here's the intake, done. You pro. :D

Lol, its a ton of work but it does fit nice once you get it bolted on.

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I think I'm going to be deleting my a/c system. I have my 2011 Focus for my daily commute and what not and its extra weight I will be taking off. I can run my own head cooling mod by eliminating the heater core and T it off on both freeze plugs behind the heads.

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Is it hard to do an A/C delete? ..I have been thinking about doing it for a while, mostly because I never use my A/C and not to mention it doesnt work anyway lol.

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