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New Photos! With a real camera!

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Makes me wish I would have kept the hood I had like that! Looks sick!!

Thanks man! It's a love hate thing with this hood...I had to notch out a whole bunch underneath but I love the way it looks!

This is what an sn is suppose to look like. Great pics man love it.

Thanks bud! Hopefully my paint will turn out as flawless as your car!


But it looks sick :D

Cant wait till she be paint.

She'll get a road trip eventually tooo! ;]

idk dude after seeing it in person today im ganna go with... paint mirrors,taillights and spoiler paint matched but keep the hood black looks so nasty like that.

hmmmm interesting thought...I'll keep that in mind!

Sweet location! I like places with graffiti like that!

It was sketch as fuuuuck to get too lol middle of the ghetto in detroit, me and my buddy with his comp orange svt haha sketchy to say the least!

wow!!! im impressed, car is definitely in beast mode!

thanks man! lol beast mode, sounds good to me!

That hoods a beast, didn't realize it was that big... Nice rollin shots to :)

Heads up and ass kickin! Using Tapatalk 2

Yah i think it's only about an inch smaller than my last one but i love how this one's cowl is much wider haha

First picture is so fucking awesome :hail:

Car's coming along nicely. It's gonna look tits when everything is painted to match.

ha why do you think i put it first! Want to whip me up a sig? =D

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im kinda sorta in love

oh hey, when'd you get here =p

Looks awesome!

Definitely needs side skirts IMO, and I would either add an emblem in the grill or paint the bracket in there black.

You know, to be honest I never really noticed that bracket in there until this shoot with the sun right on it. I thought about running an emblem but idk what I'd run. Mainly because I love the sinister look of no emblem in there. :dunno:

definitely paint the mirrors either new fresh coat of black or teal. and agree with side skirts. looks great though otherwise

You guys will be happy inside once everything get's painted! Hell i'm dying inside wishing I could go drop it off right now =[ just gotta acquire some currency first!

nah, looks lean & mean with no skirts......gives a good view of rear tire from angles, makes that first pic scream racecar with that stance.

Haha Thanks boss! Too bad it really only looks race car. It's funny because it's only a HCI car with long tubes but people don't want to have anything to do with me when I pull up next them. It's like they think my car is a 10 second car because its loud =\ If only......

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This picture is awesome and it also reminds me of the fish though too lol. I thought the same thing about my 98 lol.

EDIT: and you really need forward offset a-arms ;)

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