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Project: Reload (SOLD)

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Project Traded in on a 2016 Mustang GT Prem Performance Pack

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No Longer a Project
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Here u go




Only 1900 original miles on this paint guy doesn't drive car. I won't even tell you what I paid as it will make u sick. Lol

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Drunk. Its a 99/01 bumper....aka best cobra bumper evaaaaa

Both. I had no idea the bumper was different. Hell I didn't even know 03s were alled Terminators until a year ago when I regained interest in modern Mustangs.

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Ok so it's dipped but the third can must of been bad or something because it went from smooth to looking like a black sock with fuzzies. Hope it works itself out. Tomorrow is chin spoiler, fogs and switch then on the car.

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Ok so chin spoiler was giving us a issue with the dip as these were not really made for the cobra bumper got about 5 holes drilled out but the push pins that came with it sucked plus it was just an all around pain so rolling without it. Had some dip issues putting bumper back on as three cans covers the color but doesn't seem to be as thick as we thought it would be. Either way bumper is on but has to come back off for some fine tuning down the road and fog lights work. It is what it is.



Oh then my boys son working on his Boss while we finished up today.


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