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2 hours ago, 95riosnake said:

Looks great dropped! I love the amber LED signature around the headlights of those trucks so much.


Thanks Dan! I completely agree with you about the lighting, in fact, it was one of the first upgrades performed.







New fog light Sunday


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The shocks that came with the belltech setup left a lot to be desired. This weekend they were swapped out for a set of Bilstein 5125 series shocks. The ride is now firmer but more controlled, which was what the Belltech shocks were lacking.




Safety first!! It’s so much easier to work on a truck!




The Bilstein’s required 1/2 hardware and the truck came supplied with 12mm hardware. This necessated I drill out one side of the mounts to fit the shank of the 1/2 bolt. The threads fit the 12mm side without issue. All hardware was upgraded to Grade 8 and properly torqued within an inch of its life.








The u-bolts are long enough support a set of traction bars...hmm...






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3 hours ago, 95riosnake said:

Then traction bars it is! lol


You know every time you walk up to the truck you'll smile a little seeing those Bilsteins peeking around the wheel lol.


Absolutely the truth!! My next mod will be a 2018 Mustang GT intake:


Image result for 2018 mustang gt intake manifold


The are nearly on par with the vaunted GT350 intake and can be had for around 400 or ported for 530. 





My tuner [Tuning by Oz] already supports this upgrade with a quick revision flash. I need to get my truck on the track to get a "baseline" but it's just too hot.

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2 hours ago, Yeahloh95 said:

yeah that 2018 intake works real well , gt intake cams give about 20-30 hp too


That is true for the 11-14 trucks, the 15+ already have the same cams. Here is the response my tuner gave when asked about the swap:


Ken Osborne:


The firing order is not different on 15+ Mustangs, unless you're referring to the GT350. In that case, yes the firing order is different. If anyone can show me data otherwise, I would definitely like to see it. 

15+ Mustangs have 13 mm lift cams in both the intake and exhaust, but retain the same amount of duration as the 11-14 cams. The 15* intake cams are essentially 11-14 Boss cams, and the exhaust cam is what Ford had originally designed for the Boss, but instead they went with a 12 mm lift cam. To my knowledge, no one has confirmed specs on 15+ F150 cams, but rumors are that they are the same as the Mustang. This theory makes sense seeing the 15+ trucks continue to make power well into the 7K RPM range.


The intake cam phasers are different on the 15+ cars and trucks, and they use a mid-lock design to improve cam position during cranking, improved cold start emissions, and idle quality. However they still have the same 50* of cam rotation. 


The 15+ intake cam phasers are not compatible with the 11-14 PCM, as I've found this out first hand as I've been tuning a 2014 F150 with a 2015 Mustang GT engine swap, and we've discovered this problem. Currently we are swapping the 11-14 intake cams and phasers, along with the lower crank gear, and should be able to tune this just like an 11-14 engine, but with the improved heads, and better rotating assembly.


Clear as mud...

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that is great info I did not know they changed cams for 15 I have a 2013 f150 coyote engine that is going in my f100 , it will get my intake cams once I switch my 12 gt over to comp stage 3s

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12 minutes ago, Evilcw311 said:

I vote for twin turbos!!!  







Wait, was that brought up as an option or was I just thinking to myself that a set of twins would make this truck super awesome?!?!?


either way I still vote twins!!!!!  Lol


😈 After it’s paid off...



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17 minutes ago, Blackmage said:

Looks like that front needs to drop an inch or so now 😕  


Yeah, I agree with you there but can’t go any lower without adjustable upper control arms. 

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1 hour ago, Dalamar said:

Nice Daily White!!


Thank you, sir. I’ll be making few subtle exterior and performance upgrades this year. I have plans to notch the frame, build a new crossmember to facilitate a shock relocation and also a set of helper bags.

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On 2/25/2019 at 1:26 PM, Dalamar said:

Nice Daily White!!


Thank you, sir. I’ll be making few subtle exterior and performance upgrades this year. I have plans to notch the frame, build a new crossmember to facilitate a shock relocation and also a set of helper bags.

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Had the transmission fluid changed recently and it really made a difference in shifting. Hadn’t even noticed the shifts were getting “soft” until the service manager mentioned the symptoms of ATF breaking down with age. The service interval is apparently 30k miles; I had mine changed at 55k 🤷🏻‍♂️

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June 18 - Ripped the vinyl off the front bumper some time ago when it began to peel around the corners. Found a vendor, Ecoological, who purveys ABS bumper caps and ordered a set.














Drove passed a landscaping crew on the way to work and won the wrong place at the wrong time award.





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July 17


Wrecked the truck into a RAM












Then, they backed into it. Tried to say it was the rock damage from the aforementioned landscaping incident. If you notice the pictures above, the door is undamaged.




























Reassembly on Monday! Should be home soon!!

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Today is the day! It needs to be detailed and then I’m picking it up after lunch! Can’t wait....but then, a text message came....

“Hannah Losee @ All Star Ford Body Shop: Bad news this morning... There was a light on for your truck and we sent it to service and it will need a new seat belt. Unfortunately, service does't keep those in stock so they are ordering one. The bad news is you truck will not be ready today. I'm sorry to bring you these news.”


Hopped in the rental truck and proceed to the dealership knowing that I’m about to unleash the demon on some poor bastard. So, I stopped at the UPS Store to mail a package and hopefully cool off a bit. 

Walked into the body shop and found there were no employees to be found. About 10 minutes later Polly, who is the acting manager since the other dipshit was recently terminated; more on that later. 

Polly, “Hello Mr. Girouard. How are you today.”

“That depends. Are you ready to have a tense conversation? You have had my truck for six weeks and you JUST figured out the check engine light was on?” 

So, that went on for a few minutes but she kept defending the shop stating that there had been challenges lately. We had too much work and couldn’t keep up. The manager just got fired this week. 

“Yeah, I can see why. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy.”

“Ronnie was a great guys and that was a corporate decision...”

“Lady, I work for big business. You get YOURSELF fired. Corporate doesn’t just pick people to fire. People are brought to their attention and then people get fired. Who is your boss?”

“I’m the acting manag...”

“Who do YOU answer to!?”

“The general manager.”

*Josef left the body shop*

To shorten the story, the recently terminated manager was bringing in too many job and couldn’t keep up. Too many customer complaints of delays and other stupid shit led to his demise. My buddy is service laid it out to the GM and he put me in a loaner truck until it’s ready Tuesday.

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Finally got it home a few days after the previous post.





Bought some stock 20’s and drove around like that for a few weeks until my Velgen 22’s came in.








It was TORTURE knowing those were locked up in my workshop while the new Toyo 305/40r22’s arrived a week later. While I was waiting for that delivery, I took it in for some routine maintenance and an alignment.






It was strange to watch someone else drive my truck.






















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Installed some Viking double adjustable shocks and an upper mount relocation today. Fuck ever doing that again with hand tools in the driveway. 






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Missed a few installments so here we go!


January 2020

Bent a wheel leaving the rifle range 🤨



That was easily repaired but was $250.



Noticed the chrome peeling off the new front bumper and the Ford collision center replaced it under warranty. This time, I opted for a white painted bumper. They also painted my new rear bumper sections at the same time. Best part? No charge! While they had it, my buddy Devon discovered why one of the fog lights stopped working.




Proved it did actually work and then repaired the harness. 






Gratuitous gas station picture..




Fresh face!



Next up:


Exhaust revamp 

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Let’s see….


Yanked the side exhaust and installed a Bassani muffler with a turndown:





Gratuitous pictures:




Added a Hellwig rear sway bar:




Upgraded to Focal speakers:




Another gratuitous picture but with paint matches mirrors and white/chrome door handles:



Installed a 2019 Limited style bumper with a 3” MBRP Raptor catback. Those are 5” Corsa tips and I’m using the Bassani muffler from before.




Took delivery of some Stainless Works headers and matching x-pipe:



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