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Prokiller's new digs

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Finally took the car out for some shots in the sun. Still not running completely right as it's tapping like mad from a couple collapsed lifters. I'm tearing it down tomorrow to replace them.










i was really sweating the choice of the GTR since I'd never seen it in person or any finished pictures other than their site. I had the sides smoothed out to line up better with the roush side skirts. It pretty much matches up exactly with how low the side skirts are. I was really afraid that it would be too much "rice". i think it turned out really well. I have a grill to go in the middle but haven't installed it yet. The T1 is freakin huge. I can't really see out the rearview mirror anymore but that's why they have side mirrors. also will be getting rid of the stock foglights. might drop it a bit because it now looks a little 4x4 since the new bumper but i'm afraid that i'll really scrap on everything.

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Far from rice looking bro. Your car is sexy bottom line. I know if i was in a Honda and pulled up next to this bad ass I would not want to race. I love how the side skirts look and the exhaust complement it. Very nice work. I would lower about an 1" or 1 1/2 at the most. But looks awesome bro even the engine looks great very clean and aggressive :)

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I have watched this car progress over some years now over on the other forum we don't speak of. Lol and I must say the work and time that has gone into this ride is amazing. Car looks fucking tits bro love it

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