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Sup? Im Alyssa!!

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Hey my names Alyssa, Im 19 and drive a white 94' Gt, 5-Speed; some mods on my car is a B&M shifter, aluminum driveshaft, lowering springs, off road H pipe, mufflers, height adjustable lower rear control arms, and a weird ass cold air intake. I have 17x9 95 Cobra R wheels with 275/40/17s on the back. when the car gets repainted my new hood, front bumper, and spoiler will go on. Have any questions just let me know.

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Thank you everyone... I hope to have a good time here and meet new people. I have noticed i know some people on here already which is pretty cool. so once again thanks for making me feel welcome and hope to be tlk n to you guys soon.

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group is getting better at behaving......or lack of pics of said chic.

I'm over my leg humping days, I haz a woman now :rofl:

that being said, her name has me curious... every girl I've known named Alyssa has been smokin' haha

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