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July ROTM Winner - Tabres

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CNN, Foxnews and C-SPAN were all ablaze this morning with the news of our victor.  Some reports have shown a landslide victory, while others are saying it is a neck and neck race.  I'm here to announce that both have occurred.  Our champion won with a landslide, while there was a neck and neck race for the 2nd/3rd place.  Sadly, like any election in America, there can be only one winner.  Welcome our next ROTM winner, Tabres!!!



.020 Teksid
Stock Cobra crank
-11cc Manley pistons
Manley H-beams
ARP hardware – main studs, rod bolts, head studs
Ford Racing HV oil pump
Canton windage tray
Canton road-race oil-pan
03/04 Cobra cylinder heads
Livernois valve springs
Stock 96-98 Cobra cams
04 Mach 1 lower intake
Stock 96 Cobra upper intake
Modularspeed/On3Performance coolant crossover delete
Mishimoto Radiator

Hellion 76mm kit – billet wheel, ball bearing upgrade converted to blow-thru using a slot-style Pro-M maf
VS Racing turbo blanket
Turbosmart Eboost2 boost controller
Borla Stinger mufflers dumped before the axle

E85 fuel
Stock 96 fuel tank
Glenn’s Performance fuel pick-up tube
100 micron pre-filter
Dual Bosch 044 pumps run in parallel
10 micron post-filter
-10an feed – spits to two -8an, each feeding one rail
Aeromotive fuel rails
80lb Siemens Deka injectors
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
-6an return line

D&D built T56 – 03/04 Cobra spec
McLoud twin-disk
MGW shifter

Ford Racing 31-spline diff
31-spline Moser axles
Ford Racing 3.55 gears
Ford Racing differential cover

Maximum Motorsports k-member
Maximum Motorsports standard offset a-arms
Maximum Motorsports bumpsteer kit
Maximum Motorsports coil-overs w/Bilsteins in front
Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
Maximum Motorsports solid offset steering rack bushings
Maximum Motorsports solid steering shaft
Maximum Motorsports full-length subframe connectors
Maxumum Motorsports oil-filter relocation kit
Tokico shocks in rear with H&R SuperSport springs
03/04 Cobra center console
Maximum Motorsports 4-point roll-bar with diagonal bar option
Corbeau FX1 Pro seats in microsuede
Autometer Phantom oil pressure gauge
Autometer Phantom water temperature gauge
Autometer Phantom fuel pressure gauge
Redline Products leather e-brake boot
Saleen replica 18x9 & 18x10 wheels in chrome
Kumho Ecsta MX 275/35/18 & 295/35/18 tires
Tuned by Bob Kurgan of Kurgan Motorsports
On 17lbs of boost it made 690rwhp/691 rwtq
On 22lbs of boost it made 810rwhp/788rwtq

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Thanks everyone!  Really appreciate all of the nominations and votes!


Always more in the works for the future!  I've picked up lots of good ideas from the good folks on this site :)



i like how he even removed the stickers from the color matching battery ha....... beautiful mustang ya got there tarbrearses!!! congrats! 


lol... I'm shocked someone noticed that.

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lol... I'm shocked someone noticed that.

hahaa. i woulda done the same thing. nothing pretty about a duralast sticker with codes and numbers all over a battery :P 

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this car is sick and has the exact same engine setup as me lol how ironic. i made just a tad bit more hp on 17 psi than you but i have b heads don't know if it just dyno differences or what not. amazing car wouldn't change a thing but throw some hres on it! you gonna be at mustang week?

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Thanks!  Pretty ironic about the engine colors and whatnot.  Great minds think alike!  I've had mine powder-coated like that for probably 8 years now.


That's really nice results for B-heads.  Have you had yours tuned yet after you deleted the IAC?  I always wondered how that worked out for you.  Could be dyno difference on the power numbers, idk.  I haven't got that much compression in my engine (9.3:1) and it's only got 18 degrees of timing in the tune.  I just wanted it nice and safe and whatever it made it made :)


As bored as I am of the Saleen's and as much as I'd love to have the budget for HRE's, my wife would murder me.  We've got some things on the list to do for our house and we're saving for a different, better car mod right now anyhow - trying to move next spring/summer to a home with a 3-car garage :)

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