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1989 LX Notchback Build Thread

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I picked this car up last night. I bought it from the same person I bought my first coupe from, and my black 97 GT from. The car is a 1989 LX coupe, 87,000 miles, AOD. It is basically stock besides ceramic coated shorties, X pipe, and flowmasters. It also has a fresh AOD with about 1,000 miles on it with a shift kit. The plans for the car are simple- Fix all the cosmetic issues and drive the car for a few months. Then this winter I'll tear into it and start installing some of the parts that came with the car, as well as hopefully an On3 70mm turbo kit. Of course the motor will be pulled and the bay will be cleaned, smoothed, and painted. The plans are to stay on a strict budget of only spending $2000 more on the car, besides wheels and tires.

Pics of the car yesterday. The car had been sitting for over a year without being touched and was partially disassembled. A few hours later, we got it running and I drove it on over to my house. The car has got to be the smoothest, tightest fox I've ever sat down in, it's a great car.








And the parts that came with the car. It came with a UPR k-member kit, A-arms, coilovers, Strange struts, CC plates, MM k member brace, SVE aluminum radiator, dual fans, GT40 upper/lower, fresh GT40 heads, 3:55 gear, Anderson N41 cam, E303 cam, 3 throttle bodies, Pro-M MAF, Proform rockers, Comp Cams timing kit, and a complete gasket kit.




And the car as of this evening. I went on and put the coilovers, Strange Struts, CC plates, and cut springs I had laying around. It gave it a nice even stance that will get me by for a while. I still haven't cleaned the car up at all so that's going to be the next project. It is in desperate need of a real detail. Then it will be 5 lug time. I bought some 94-95 spindles and already have brakes for it, so all I need is some axles and drums and it will be time to swap!

Also don't mind the headlights.













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Thanks everyone!


I got a little bit done with it today. I drove it around some in the morning and then pulled the seats out to vacuum and attempt to clean up the original carpet. It came out ok. Good enough for now. The dash is in mint condition, but I'm going to probably get some new armrests, sill plates, console armrest, seatbelts, and an ashtray door to bring the interior back to where it needs to be.




I also found the owners manual. Pretty cool since I've never seen one in person for a fox.




Then my headlights showed up. Ordered them on ebay yesterday morning and they arrived 24 hours later. Can't beat that for $90!








And after. I didn't have time to adjust them, I'll do that tomorrow if I have time






Yeah, I know. It looks very much like my old coupe, lol.

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Thanks everyone!

I got the headlights adjusted properly, put the rubbers around the headlights, and washed the car. I can't wait to see what paint correction does for it. I drove it everywhere I went this week, about 300 miles. Also got the AC recharged and it is COLD.






I got some time to work on the car this weekend. I got my wisdom teeth pulled out Friday morning, and within 3 hours of being conscious again, I was back at work on the fox. Lol.


I stripped the interior. I decided this car was worthy of new carpet and I also ordered some misc items that should make the interior a 10/10.




I had a seatbelt bolt that stripped out, so I had to take the little plate out




The replacement piece I made




And after cleaning the floors up.




Then I turned my attention to the engine bay, and the cluster of wires.


What I started with






And after a few hours of cleaning and tucking.








And I received my 94-95 spindles today. I plan to get the interior back in Tuesday, then drive it for the rest of the week, then swap the front suspension next weekend.



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I got my order of stuff from 50resto yesterday.



But first I cleaned all of the interior pieces front and back thoroughly.




Then I started by putting my door handles on. Of course one of them was broken when I took it out of the box. So I called LRS and they are sending me another one.




Moved on from that by letting my carpet sit outside in the sun for a while, then cut a few holes in it, and started forming it to the car.




And then I put the rest of the interior together with new screws, and made some quick jumper wires out of speaker connectors, and connected the fox power seat wire to the SN95 power seat connector. Works perfect. I figure since I have nice SN95 seats sitting around I might as well use them.


Overall, I'm pretty happy with the interior. I only spent $200 on it in total and I think it looks worlds better than it did before, even if the pics don't show it.



I'm expecting my axles Friday, and I ordered my wheels this morning. They have to be made, but hopefully I'll see them within the next few weeks.

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Welp I didn't get much accomplished today. Stuff just wasn't going right. I was faced with my arch nemesis once again, which is the steering rack. That thing always owns me, and I'm not really sure why. Anyways, here's a pic of what I got done. Got the old suspension out, got the new k-member, control arms, and offset rack bushings put in. I ended up stopping because I was getting to the point where I was just screwing up at everything I tried to do.



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I got the rack, steering shaft, spindles, and brakes put on today. I can't drive it yet, because I need new tie rod ends, but other than that I think I got everything else handled. My wheels are still being made and aren't expected to ship until late next week so the car will be rocking mismatched wheels for a while.











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Welp I got the car on the road yesterday. Got everything situated and drove it to work. I haven't driven something so far out of alignment in my life, it was all I could do to keep it on the road. I limped it to work and aligned it there. It drives halfway decent now. But the brakes still don't feel 100%, as I have a leaky caliper bolt that I need to fix. Luckily I found that to be my culprit tonight. I also got my 12-175 springs and swapped them in, so I can go low. This is how it looks now.



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I washed it this morning and spent the day doing a paint correction. I'm very pleased with the results. The pics don't really show how big of a difference it made, but it's a huge difference. For a fox, it's pretty slick.


50/50 shot after the first pass with M105.




I also took the 5.0 emblems off. They were pretty rough, so I planned on getting new ones. But after seeing it without the emblems, I might leave them off.




After 2 passes of M105, 1 pass of scratch/swirl remover, 2 coats of Chemical Guys Blacklight, and one pass of Chemical Guys Jetseal.










Then I got the car in my dad's garage. Since I have 2 days off from work and school, I'm going to spend some time getting the underside clean.



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Today was a pretty good day.


Got my axles in and also put some new shocks on.




Got the wheels on and did a little mockup.




They fit almost perfect. I can't be happier with my decision to go with a 255 instead of a 275. The fender to tire clearance was a little too close though.




So out came the baseball bat and heat gun. I didn't go extreme on the roll, just enough to give me peace of mind.




And here's how it looks now. Can't drive it, because the front wheels are now hitting the brakes after hitting the brakes a few times. I'll have to put a 3rd spacer on the front to make them clear.


I must say, I think it can't look any better than it does.









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Thanks guys!




I worked on getting the car sitting better this weekend. The front wheels rubbed almost constantly because I had to run 3 spacers on each side to clear the calipers and caliper brackets. So yesterday I cut the caliper bracket bar off and filed down the calipers just a little bit.





That clearance




And how the car sits as of right now. I took the pinion snubber out from the rear and apparently the car was riding on that. The car dropped a ton in the rear and is currently sitting on the tire. I'll have to roll the fenders some more to make is functional, but I love the way it's looking. Plans are to go lower in the front and a hair lower in the rear. I'm going for that minitubbed look. I plan to run the car at the track later on in the month, so I'll probably have to raise it back up to get some good 60 foot times.




Nothing to see here, just a little 125 shot..



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