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Project Pro-Touring Fox

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I've had this build going on for a while on another forum, I'm going to post all of this at once though  :D .


Here's how the build all started...
I picked up a 93 LX hatch about a year and a half ago to have a little fun with and slowly build over time. The main goal for the car was building a fun daily driver...obviously, that hasn't worked out to well just yet. I picked up the car, thinking that all it needed was a clutch. Bored .030 stock block, DSS rotating assembly, Edelbrock heads, Anderson cam, Edelbrock intake...It sounded decent idling, although I couldn't drive it with the clutch messed up, I couldn't pass up the deal. It's one of the cleanest foxes that I've ever seen, complaining really isn't an option for what I paid for it!  Now, I'm leaning more towards a Pro-Touring build style with the intent to build a badass street/autocross car.  
As soon as I got home, I started tearing into it, seeing what all needed to be done/changed/updated. Typical fixes and issues, starter hanging up, exhaust leaks, finding wiring goblins, etc.
I did all of what I could while waiting on the pieces for the clutch to come in, so I started doing typical maintenance things while waiting....and then my first issue pops up. I'm going through, changing the spark plugs, and then I get to the last one. The only one out of the 8, that isn't angled, it's sticking straight out of the head. Awesome. I ended up pulling the heads off and taking them to a buddy who owns a machine shop, get everything fixed up, and had them gone through just for an extra piece of mind. 



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After everything for the clutch arrives, I decide to go ahead and drain the fluid from the trans before I pull it out. It was at that time that I realized, I had more than just a clutch issue. It wasn't just metallic fluid. It was metallic fluid, with chunks of pieces. It's a good think that T5 rebuild kits aren't too expensive... Everything was going from "too good to be true" to "I'm ready for this thing to catch on fire" extremely fast. While my transmission was being gone through, I converted the car over to 5 lug and threw on a set of Racestar's that I had from a previous car on it. Not the style that I was going for, I just had them sitting there until I could find a 18" set of wheels that I wanted to spend some money on. They looked kind of cool for a while! Finally, I had the car to where I could at least drive it. It ran, shifted, and didn't blow up (yet).

The last week has made several changes in the car 
This is what she came in here like!
We've been developing our new suspension for these cars, so the guys have everything mocked up and ready to go!  
I'm going with our new coilover setup, in the front and rear.  The struts in the front, are our monotbube, Fox Racing shocks, with our billet mounts.  Just a nice, clean piece.  I'm digging the new caster plates that we're running up top!
On the rear, we've built a new shock bracket to help push the shock out for added clearance for the Shockaves/coil springs.  It utilizes the factory upper mounts with new, delrin bushings that make the ride alot more comfortable/quiet to deal with.  
(The Shockwaves were also put into place for test fitment)
At the moment, it's sitting just like this :cheers:

My new clutch and clutch cable came in :headbang:
We stayed after work last night, threw it in, what a difference..... McLeod makes a very nice product!  I drove it home last night and back to work this morning, I don't even know how to describe having the new clutch and suspension on the car, but I'm still smiling :twothumbs.
I figured I would stick with a 302 base at the moment, I'll probably regret it later but for now.... I've got new 331 shortblock sitting in my garage!
New arms!
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EDIT:  I don't know what I did to make everything show up....but it's allowing me to post and I'm not stopping lol.





Obviously, there's been alot of parts going on the car....and coming off!  I've got a new set of new upper strut mounts built that I'm VERY happy with.  These were the first ones that I had roughly cut, the finished product is an all billet upper piece with graduation marks to easily set the alignment  :D .  There is a good amount of caster adjustment, and a huge amount of camber adjustment (done on the strut mount).




....and who doesn't like a good burnout?  I felt like it was needed before I start to really tear this thing apart.  Once I get the engine out, I'm smoothing the bay and plan to do a full wire tuck.  I've got alot of work ahead of me but the car is very solid, so I'm not too worried.  


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I'm getting a little bit anxious with this project.  I planned on dragging it out a little more over time but seeing the parts come in is pushing it a little faster.  The full suspension setup is on the car and ready for a few track days.  The big challenge now is getting the engine done and lining out the transmission (brand new t-5 won't go into 2nd while under a load).  I'm thinking about throwing in a different trans all together though, so the plans may change.  


At the moment, I'm working on getting in all of the pieces I need to finish the 331.  I've got a set of AFR 195's coming shortly, so I'll be bolting everything on, checking the clearances, and hopefully be ordering up the remaining pieces in a short period of time (as long as the bank account allows  ;) ).  I've got plans to pull the engine in about 2 weeks, get the Scott Rod panels in, and painted.  By then, I may have it done enough to start dropping everything in!

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Fox Love!!!! :)

I do love foxes  :D


YayyyYesss you fixed it!!!!

Haha, I have no idea what I did to make it post...but it works and that's all I asked for!!! 


MMMM those top strut mounts tho.... gonna be on my bitch soon enough!

I'm so ready, as soon as I get a billet one in here, I'll post up some pictures of it  ;)


nice progress and this thing is going to be sweet when you get it wrapped up.

I'm excited to see it done, it should be a blast!


what is the story on these fox struts?

We use all Fox Racing shocks/struts at work, we've been developing these for a little over a year and a half on the 05+ Mustangs, now I've finally got them integrated into the SN95's and Fox bodies.  They're a sweet setup, it's a mono-tube, steel body.  With the spring rate dialed in on the coilovers, the ride is very nice and handling is great (which is the route I'm going for, I want more of an autocross car).  If I were shooting for more of a street cruiser/show car, I'd be all over the air suspension we're building  :) .

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ok cool sounds like something i want to try on one of my cars i am going with shock waves on my truck

You should hit up Tom then, he's trying to get Sinis Built set up as a RideTech dealer and has to meet a buy in minimum :2thumb:

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ok cool sounds like something i want to try on one of my cars i am going with shock waves on my truck

Sounds like a plan!  I'm happy to help if you have any questions.


You should hit up Tom then, he's trying to get Sinis Built set up as a RideTech dealer and has to meet a buy in minimum :2thumb:

+1, we like helping out dealers or shops that want to become vendors.  Tom's a great guy, I've talked to him alot about our products  :)

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Good to see you active on here again Josh! I was starting to think you didn't like us, lol jk.

Nah, I like you guys!  I've been swamped trying to get all the design stuff with these guys done here, so it's been delaying my progress on getting it going  :P


very cool build so far!  

Thanks!  :D

It was extremely hard not to hug the UPS guy today!  Now I'm just waiting on some rockers, lifters, pushrods, etc... and I'll be back in build mode!
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I've been trying to stay busy on this thing, I've had alot of parts coming in (finally) and now it's pretty much all down to assembly.  I know there are going to be alot of things that I do along the way, so more than likely, it's going to take longer than I've planned.  I ordered the the Scott Rod engine bay panels to clean up the look, I love a clean engine bay!  Needless to say, there's going to be some wire-tucking going on.  I wasn't planning on the burnout video being the last time I drove it, but I walked into the garage the other night, and starting pulling things off.  I've just got to drop the trans and pull the engine in the next couple of days.  Once that's done, I'll get my tubular K member put in, weld the Scott Rod panels up, and paint the bay.  Hopefully, by then, the engine will be ready to fall in place!





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I approve of the intake choice :2thumb:


Thanks  ;) .


As I get farther into this, I'm realizing that I may drag this out more than what I wanted.  I keep seeing things that I want to do and start adding to the list.... I'm going to end up like you, Dan...  :unsure:  :D

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Thanks  ;) .


As I get farther into this, I'm realizing that I may drag this out more than what I wanted.  I keep seeing things that I want to do and start adding to the list.... I'm going to end up like you, Dan...  :unsure:  :D


Ugh, trust me, stop yourself before you get to that point or you'll never drive that car again lol.

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