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tony's hellariceflushtasticstangs build thread!

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between the time i FIRST bought this through this COMING UP winter into spring i will have a nasty ass mustang!! (my opinion of course)

i know everyone of you already know what ive done to this car so far but this car is in no way shape or form done, lol. i have random threads on here of things i've done so i would like to throw it together in this thread and throughout the following year post up all the upcoming progress made.

my engine bay looks nice to people at shows...yes. however i myself along with others know it could make my car one of the sickest sn95's at least in the state of ohio, lol with a lot of work and $$ it will be!!

i want to pull the motor.

def tuck and reroute a shitload of wires and hoses

want the bay to be body color

i want to make my valve covers body color

i want a POLISHED vortech supercharger

billet pullies

clean up the block with paint and powder coating.

all i want done by spring of 2014

but yea, heres what i'v done in the 1 1/2 years i've owned it.

bought it in late summer early fall of 2011 like this


first thing was some motor bolt on shit...eeeehhhh, lol


then i cleaned up what little bit of wires and hoses i could and through some blingy type shit on it just for shows honetly.


then i installed a style bar and some 20" boss wheels, lol. love the donk look i know!


asap i lowered it by cutting springs, lol. i mean asap haha!


replaced some interior parts...seats, console, carpet, rear seat reupholstered



i know i dont have the documentation that others have. i never thought to photograph pics of progress as i have never been on forums, lol.

then i went to the exterior. paint, body kit, wing, some body work (removing 11 dents and fixing door gaps)




lol, when i first jumped on the forums hahaaa! remember this, lol


then added 20x10 wheels to the rear and slammed it about 17 more times to the point of nearly undrivable, lol.




then over this past winter installed new cloth top



then on to the air ride suspension




then on to the double din






then new wheels 20x9 and 20x10.5 TSW mirabeau's with nitto 235/35/20 and 275/30/20 555 extremes



and heres my latest project. someone called it buckets of bass, lolol!!! and thats pretty much what it is. however i call it project retrunkin my trunk :)




and thats pretty much it so far, lol. left out minor things but stay tuned. alot more is on the way.

heres a before and after (which i love to post)



heres how she sits today (for now anyway)


thanks for looking fellas. i know its not what alot or most of you would have done but i like it. its a fun car and i dont take the performance thing too serious. however i do like a nice performing and at the same time showstopping mustang. my goal for the following show season :)

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Your car is probably the only sn95 that correctly pulls off 20's. Looks very nice man and I like the stalker body kit.
thank ya sir! i will get into the performance thing (which by your sig you prolly know a little about) like sept or oct. cant wait actually, lol. almost decided to tear the motor out now and start on it but everyone i know got pissed about it, lol. they wanted me to enjoy it this summer then during the winter get crackin. i agree :)
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Lol yeah pretty much all my money went towards performance with some being asthetic subtle mods. Im interested in you wanting to do the wire tuck as that is something I have wanted to do. Ill be sure to follow this to get ideas on how to properly do it.

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Best thread title ever! Can't wait to see finished project of the trunk!!!

aahh fuck i forgot the trunk!! lemme add that crap!! i almost wanna weld it shut and get on with my life, lol!

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it's ok, I mean I seen better but not bad for a mini trucker.....


hahaaa! got me there. you know i'm sensitive man :/
Jesus! That thing was real Pos when you got it. First time I've seen it.

Looks fucking awesome now! Nice job Tony!

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thanks jason man!!
You know I love your car Tony, this will be a good thread to follow I'm sure. Can't wait to see how the trunk turns out!
yea i worked on the trunk a little yesterday. started glassing the front panel. it was fn hot outside so i quit, lol. its gettin there though. i'll get pics asap.

so fellas when it looked like this:


i had already dropped a few thousand on mods and repairs. exhaust (o/r xpipe, flowmasters, accufab plenum, rebuilt rear end (jegs 373's and jegs axle shafts) tailights, bbk CAI...ect.


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hahaaa! got me there. you know i'm sensitive man :/

I know I like pushing your buttons. :boink::gangmanstyle:

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I'm in! You've really done an awesome job so far.
thanks buddy!

so heres the progress on the "buckets of bass" lol:



still going to do another thick coat of resign. then body filler. sand my fn ass off and wrap with black leather or vinyl. the buckets themselves are stuufed with insulation. also glassed on the inside. not sure if i am going to glass the outside of them yet???

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The last video has scared me for life. I don't if I'll ever be the same. I need a support group I think.
hahaaa. yeeeaaaaa!

i took the crappy tint job i had done off the other day!!! cant explain why i love it soooo much more w/o tint but i do!

the only pic i have w/o tint i think:


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needs moar rim tony havent you listened to me...lol looks good all low and shit.
lol, body drop? heeeh? thanks drake!

wait you said needs more rim..not low, oops! 22's....heeh?

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moar low and moar rim =winning
hahaaa, cause i have been debating an IRS with a 22" out back!

lol, i'm j/k

but seriously :shiftyeyes:

HEY MORTEN!!!! dude i cant tell if you're serious or not but if so...thanks my dude!! very cool compliment!!

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I'm finally starting to see the differences between our paint colors. Yours seems to have a little more blue to it while mine almost has a silver-ish tint to it. I still want to see it in person....hell come to Panama City Beach and lets do a photoshoot lmao

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hahaaa. yeeeaaaaa!

i took the crappy tint job i had done off the other day!!! cant explain why i love it soooo much more w/o tint but i do!

the only pic i have w/o tint i think:


Fishbowling FTMFW!

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another coat of resign. filler in the corners. now i'm going to do a ton of filler and sanding. heres a quick mock up to see how it will fit. nothings attached so it may look a little off, lol. it will be perfect before i ever install it.


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thanks fellas!

the panel on the floor i have to make a 10" wide door i guess you could say so i can access the valves and line fittings. gonna do that tomorrow


my make it wider then 10" just cause i dont like it being off center, lol. the spare tire well is over to the passenger side on these cars which sucks if ya want shit centered, lol.

Edited by tony
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Looks great Tony, that thing must be pretty stout!

Regarding side panels, I also considered making side panels for mine but the same issue came up for me so I'm just keeping the factory setup.

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thanks dan. maybe if i use wood lightweight enough and cut it just a tad larger than needed i can force it into place and it wont budge???? idk though but i can reuse my oem side panels. those were shot when i bought this car.

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