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5th Annual Sn95 & New Edge Mustang Week Cruise

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All 94-04 Mustangs Welcome!

We had 75 cars last year and really hope to increase that number this year.

Where: Start – Planet Hollywood

(2915 Hollywood Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29577)

End – Myrtle Beach Mall

(10177 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572)

Edit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change of time.

When: July 19, 2014 – We will be leaving Planet Hollywood at 9:00am!!!!! Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

Directions: Cruise down Highway 17 to Robert M Grissom Parkway. From there we'll merge onto 31, next 22, and down the exit ramps to the mall.

Contact: Sean – 717-576-0158 (Blue 2004 Saleen)

Below is the route we will take but I can't quite finish it off correctly though. We will pass the main entrance at the mall and enter at the next light. This will bring us in at the right hand side of the mall. We will pass around the back and meet up in the parking behind the mall right by the food court.



2014 shirts are in the making! The yellow shirts are from 2012. The blue shirts are from 2013.








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I actually wore my 13 short today! But like I said on Facebook I won't be able to make it this year but I still want a shirt!

I'll have a pre-order thread like before. :) Appreciate the love.

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Yes yes yes!!!!! Can't wait!!! Are we having people staged along the route?


Like I said last year, I'm totally ok with being the dude staged at an exit to direct people.

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Count me in again this year, Sean. And my parents in their Roush. Don't know about my brother and the Cobra but at least 2 cars should be there from my clan!

Sounds good! I love hearing about more people coming.

it really sucks, but I'm going to miss it this year.  we need to leave MW a little early for a wedding.  

Oh noez! Ah, well I'm sure we'll be seeing each other down there.

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They want way to much to rent for a week I could almost by a new one

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Rent one to get it down there, rent one to get it back home
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I do my best. I ran out of XLs and I think I'm short for someone who paid on paypal. That's my screw up but I can get it made after the cruise. Who's Scott Lockard??


@ttocs? Only Scott I know of

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