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July ROTM Winner - 410sn95

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Since Ryan is on vacation, I'm filling in so join me in congratulating our July 2015 ROTM winner, @410sn95! It was a very close race, but in the end, this monster 94 GT took the win! Have a safe 4th of July everyone!






1994 Mustang GT



90' 351 block

SCAT Stroker crank, Probe rods and pistons, 410ci

Trick Flow CNC High-Port 225's

Jesel Pro Series 1.8 shaft-mount rockers

Comp Blower spec cam

Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold

Vortech YSi with Kurgan/custom blower brace

Snow Performance Stage 2 methanol injection

Custom 3in exhaust w/ dr gas x and Dynomax race bullets dumped

AEM Stand alone with Innovate LM-1 O2 controller


G-Force T5 w/Pro-5.0 shifter

SPEC Stage 3+ clutch and pressure plate; and Fidanza aluminum flywheel
8.8-in w/3.73 gears, 03-04 Cobra diff



Full MM suspension front to rear w/ Custom built Torque arm

Baer 6p Calipers w/14in eradispeed rotors

Cobra rear brakes



Griggs CF spoiler

VIS stock profile CF hood

Retrofitted H.I.D. headlights



MM 6point roll bar

Recaro seats

Autometer and Innovate gauges

Custom rear seat delete



Do-luck double six forged two piece wheels

18x9 front w/ 275 Nitto 555's

18x11 rear w/ 335 Nitto 555 DR's








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How did you fit all that awesomeness under the stock height hood!?! Move your motor back!?!?

This message courtesy of crapatalk!


Motor back 1"

Victor Jr. carb intake manifold converted to EFI

6061 low profile intake elbow

Clearanced some of the underhood skin.

Had to countersink/recess the TPS sensor for the mounting screws. The screws were contacting the hood, that's how close it is.

Alternator mounting boss was clearanced as well.

Solid motor mounts.

A few other little things that I am prob forgetting...


The motor has not been lowered.  I tried that and the Aviad road race oil pan contacted the steering rack.  So motor is at stock height.  Moving the motor back gains A LOT of clearance. Our hood lines drop fast...


Moving the motor back, intake manifold and solid motor mounts were key. The rest was messing around till it worked.

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@410sn95 do you have any video of this car? I just noticed the 3" exhaust with 3" Dynomax bullets... that has to sound amazingly badass.


No good clips currently but hoping to be out and about with the car a few times this month.  I will make a point to take some video.

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