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The Return of the TTSaleen

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So it's been 4.5 years since I sold my car.

I had previously owned it for 12 years and sunk a TON of time and money into it.

My goal was to have a true 1,000hp street car which it easily accomplished back in 2009.

After a few years of attending shows, events, etc. I didn't drive the car as much and decided to sell it and put the money toward paying off my house.

In June 2014, I sold the car.


Fast forward to November 2018, and I had the itch to own the car again.

I contacted the buyer and he sold it back to me....albeit he didn't want to sell it but when you flash CASH, it helps.  LOL.

Fortunately, he had only put 1,000 miles on the car and it was in perfect condition from when I had sold it.




My garage is really TIGHT now!  HAHA!  

Planning to build a separate detached soon, but made the TTSaleen fit next to my 2003 Cobra and 2003 Mach 1.



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Quick update on the TTSaleen.
Took the family to dinner in it on Saturday night.

Then on Sunday, I put on my Bogarts and Hoosier slicks and went to the track.
Got my best times so far under less than ideal conditions.
Car setup -
93 octane
17.5# boost
Only stalls at 3200 on transbrake so it leaves really soft.
1st pass - 1.58 sixty foot time and went a 6.13 @ 121mph.  1/4 mile sensors were not working unfortunately.
2nd  pass - 1.47 sixty foot time, but spun badly in 2nd, pedaled it twice  went a 6.61 @ only 112mph but still went a 9.98 @ 147mph in the 1/4.
I feel like on the 1st pass it could have gone mid 9's around 150-155mph.

Anyway,  it was awesome to be back in my old car and on the track.  I never  built it to be a track car only a street car.  It sure TWISTS up on the  launch with only subframe connectors and no rollcage.  LOL!!!!


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2 hours ago, Yeahloh95 said:

yeah glad you got it back and are back on here . were you at mustang week this year ?


Yes I was there with my azure blue Mach 1 in the Fastlane Motorsports booth.

I actually got behind Detroit Riot and Joanna as they were leaving on Saturday and gave them a rev.  LOL.


Photobucket appears to be having problems today, so I can't post a picture of it.

But check out my Instagram account at ttsaleen.



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Welcome back Ryan!  Glad to see that the TT Saleen is still around and back in your ownership.

I've loved the car since I first saw it on HPJ.


Let me know if you ever make it up here to Roxboro or Piedmont with any of the stangs.  

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1 hour ago, Prokiller said:

been following the news and posts on IG.  awesome that you bought it back.  you going to do anything more to it or just drive it?

Oh I plan to update quite a few things including -

1.  I have to fix the 4R70W transmission.  I broke it during my recent track outing.  Lost reverse and it tries to move forward in Neutral.  What I thought was a spinning/bad track on my 2nd pass ended up being a broke transmission that would not put the power down in 2nd gear.  Got it pulled out over the weekend.  Plus it is a good time to send the convertor back to Precision and have them loosen it up from the 3200 stall to something a bit more aggressive such as 4500 for a harder launch.

2.  The turbos are 10 year old journal bearing models which at the time worked very well.  Even now they make great power, but I think by changing to a newer billet design and ball bearing model it will make more efficient power and spool quicker.

3.  The safety has been neglected as I wanted to keep it a full street car.  However with the track outings I'm planning, I am going to install a roll cage in the car over the winter along with some other things to keep it straight and stiffen it up.

4.  Lastly the fuel system is 93 octane for the low boost setting (900rwhp) and I ran C16 for high boost (1200rwhp).  But contemplating switching over to E85.


I am happy to have the car back.  I owned it for 12 years and it was the longest I ever had a project car. 



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After having broken many, many T-56 transmissions including Viper-spec versions, I decided in 2011 to install a full-manual valve-body 4R70W with a transbrake.

This transmission served me very well for 7 years with a few trips to the track including a handful of 9 second passes.

However in 2018 (upon me buying the car back after a brief 4 year hiatus of selling it), I promptly took it to the track and on the 2nd pass broke it.


It was at this time I decided to not only change the car, but to update it to a more modern transmission that would give me a different gear spread and enable me to go back to an automatic shifting transmission for street-driving and on-track consistency in shifts.

After reading online and trying to find where other folks have done this swap, I didn't find much on the SN95 platform that had been accomplished.

I hope this write-up will help you as I have personally gone through some ups-and-downs searching, figuring, and talking to alot of people to ensure I get this right.


On to the build.

Transmission – 6R80 from 2014 Mustang sourced case donor.

Completely built by Brett Lasala of MS Racing in Florida.  https://www.msr-nogmparts.com

It has upgraded friction materials, steels, a billet intermediate shaft, the upgraded First-gear one-way clutch and a billet forward planetary.

Here's a great write-up about Brett and his work - https://www.fordnxt.com/tech-stories/drivetrain/build-6r80-six-speed-autos-7-second-runs-billet-bits/

Brett is one of the fastest people on the planet using a true 6R80 transmission (6 speed) and his on track performance and consistency led me to contact him to build me a twin to what he runs.  He is a really nice guy and answered all my questions and provided me with insight into my plans with the car.

1320 Video of Brett - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zo2HW3IJm0


Converter - Circle D - Billet Pro Series


Engine Separator Plate & Bellhousing Bolts

·        Separator Plate Kit – Ford AC3Z-7007-A

o   https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-flywheel-plate-ac3z7007a

·        Inspection Plate – Ford 6L2Z-7986-AA 

o   https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-cap-6l2z7986aa

·        Bellhousing Bolts – Ford W714012-S439 (Need 7 total)

o   https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-cooler-line-bolt-w714012s439

·        Inspection Plate Bolts – Ford W500232-S437 (Need 2 total)

o   https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/ford-bolt-w500232s437










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Flexplate - Performance Automatic – PA26469

They take a stock Ford Coyote flexplate and added extra welds to it to make it SFI approved. 



Flexplate Bolts – ARP Pro 254-2901  



Transmission cooler fittings – Requires minimum #8 lines.

This is a really neat item that allows you to adapt AN fittings into the side of the 6R80 transmission, allowing you to run AN lines up to a transmission cooler. 



Transmission cooler kit -

Power by the Hour sells a very nice transmission cooler with fan, lines, and fittings.  You can build this yourself, or make it easy and get the kit offered by Power by the Hour.  The PBH kit contains the correct fittings to install AN adapters and aftermarket lines to your 6R80 and connect to a trans cooler.  However you will have to cut the line to fit and install the fittings yourself.  My only complaint was a lack of mounting options with the cooler.  So I had to improvise and take the bracket off my old cooler and adapt it to fit the new cooler.






Cross-member – Stiffler’s cross-member kit - TCB-6r80-KIT

This is supposed to be a direct bolt-in and for the most part was.  Unfortunately the cross-member didn’t quite line up with the bolt hole on my passenger side.  I didn’t have enough room in the pre-drilled slot to allow it to pass thru.  So I opened this slot up a little more (about ½”) and it was able to work fine after that.  The kit is really nice and designed to bolt up thru the factory holes right in front of/above my subframe connectors.





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Stand-alone 6R80 controller kit – US Shift Quick6 Controller

US Shift makes the Quick 6 shift controller that also enables a transbrake feature.  Instructions for wiring are very thorough.  I took extra time in wiring this up and making it look neat and clean.  I ordered a complete weather-pack connector kit to allow me to make my own connections for ease of connecting/disconnecting in the future.  The setup was straight-forward and only needed a few inputs from me such as – tire diameter and rear gear size.  Once I got on the road, I had to tweak the setting for the speedometer output so that my reading matched my gps on my phone.  I mounted the Quick6 under my radio and ran the wires down and around the shifter area to hide them as much as possible but give me the ability to see the Quick6 display.  This allows you to monitor the transmission shifter status, or transmission temperature, or if in manual mode, among other things.  Pretty cool stuff.





Transmission Dipstick – Lokar PA68404

I purchased this dipstick which is for a F150 truck with the 6R80.  It’s a little longer than the mustang version, but I used it so I could cut it down and fit it to my car and mount it behind the passenger side strut tower.  In order to do this, you have to trim the outer tube (braided line) and the inner dipstick to match properly.  The factory dipstick is very short and located on the side of the transmission.  I wanted a way to add fluid easily from the top of the car and also a way to check it periodically.  On my car the exhaust is very close to this area and makes it near impossible to get to the area to fill or check the fluid, which you are supposed to do when it’s hot (at 170*). 




Shifter – Lokar ESS66R80HB

This shifter is compatible with the 6R80 and works with the US Shift Quick 6 controller.  I contacted Summit Racing and had them add it to their lineup.  I got the newer upgrade which has the Sport mode where you can pull the handle down from DRIVE to S (Sport) which enables the stock Coyote computers to go into Sport mode, something the previous generations of this shifter did not have.  I don’t need that option as I will go into DRIVE, push the selector over and then be able to manually control the shifts if desired.  However I plan to let the Quick 6 controller do all the work once it’s dialed in properly.

This shifter has a cable that exits the rear of the shifter.  This is really different from my Hurst Quarterstick I was using (exited the front) and the cable is a lot shorter.  I had to get creative and drill a new hole in my floor to accommodate the shift cable and I had to modify the plate I had previously made to enable the Lokar to fit in place of the Hurst.  After a few hours of mods, it fit like a glove.

That was until I tried to install the console.  I found there were quite a few places that needed to be trimmed and cut out to allow the shifter cable bracket to clear in addition to the cable to clear.  My dremel tool made quick work of this and now the console fits properly.

Next issue was the cup holder assembly.  I had the front cup holder modified previously with a transmission temperature gauge installed.  Unfortunately, the Lokar shifter cable mount is right in the way so the cup holder had to be cut out of the way.  This forced me to move the gauge up out of the way.  I took some flat metal (from a sign I had) and trimmed it to fit and mounted the gauge on top of the cup holder.  After a few hours of modification, it all fits now and works like it should.  Of note, the shifter does have a little play in it that the Hurst did not.  In other words, you can move the shift handle slightly before it starts to pull against the shift cable.  It’s the inner workings of the shifter and not adjustable from what I see.







Driveshaft -

Because our SN95 cars have a different style of shaft than the 2011-newer mustangs, we need their style of slip-style shafts.

I've heard of guys using 2011-newer manual transmission aftermarket shafts from Ford Racing, DSS, and others, but unfortunately at my power levels these are not going to work.

After a few weeks of delay, I was finally able to get The DriveShaft Shop to make me a chromoly 3.5” shaft.




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Exhaust modification –

Unfortunately, my custom made 3” x-pipe no longer fit with the wider 6R80 transmission and the Lokar shift cable setup. 

The good news was that a local muffler shop was able to fix the problem and remake some sections of my x-pipe to allow the necessary clearance and fitment.





Overall –

So how do I like it?

So far it is really nice.   Shifts are still learning as the controller needs you to drive it around in different throttle applications so it can build its shift tables properly.  You can set the rpm at which it shifts at WOT and make other adjustments but the fine tuning comes from actual driving around.

I have driven about 80 miles so far in stop-and-go traffic and some spirited highway driving.  So far it’s working very well.  I can tell the Quick6 is learning as the shifts are getting smoother.  The transbrake feature works very well and the transmission temperature seems to run around 160-180 degrees most of the time. 

Being able to drop it into gear and go is actually nice.  I thought I would miss the manual shift of the 4R70, but so far I don’t.  Plus I can still put this into Sport mode and shift it manually if desired.  But this 6R80 is geared so differently that having it shift for you is actually preferred.

I still have to swap out my rear gears from the 3.55’s to something less aggressive and add some much needed chassis stiffening such as a roll cage.

I cannot wait to get it to the race track and see what kind of improvements I can get in my times!


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Dude, This is such a gem for society! With the proven track record of the 6r80 especially once brett has touched them, I think you made the right decision! I can't wait to see some track times coming out the TT Saleen now!

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Been doing a few updates and upgrades on the car recently.
This included a thermostat to control the transmission cooling fan.
Brake upgrades including stainless lines, new rotors, and Hawk pads.
Also replaced the 8 year old Hankook front tires with Michelin Pilots (kept same size - 215-45-18).
Next I added the splash shields back under the front.  Had to do some trimming to clear the hot-side pipes, but it worked out pretty good.
Finally, I purchased some Turbo-Guard inlet screens - their MAXX line and also installed their Carbon-Fiber Black turbo blankets.
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April 5, 2019 update -
Took off the Aeromotive fuel system that has been on the car since I built it in 2009.
Sumped 98 tank, #12 feed and #8 return lines.
Aeromotive Pro Series pump (replaced new last summer) and regulator.
New filters (summer 2018) both pre and post of the pump.
Black nylon braided lines.
Going to sell this as a complete kit for $850. 
Currently switching the car over to a new Cobra (terminator) fuel tank from Glen's performance.  Also added the Fore Innovations triple pump setup and fuel hat with PTFE stainless lines (#10 feed and #8 return) and regulator and their fuel pump controller.
This will support the horsepower of the car, allow me to run E85 and only run 1 pump for normal cruising and bring in the other 2 pumps when on boost.
Lastly, I received my Moser 33 spline axles this week with the 9" end conversion and bearings.  Got a new Truetrac 33 spline differential coming and a new set of rear gears that will be going into my 98 rearend.
Taking it to Fastlane Motorsports to handle this upgrade soon.
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Lol, I have almost the exact same rear end setup on my measly 250 horse :)


That's gonna be a steal for that fuel setup.  The new setup should really make sure this thing gets the proper quenching when it thirsts!

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8 hours ago, RedTwilight said:

Dang!  Why do these deals pop up whenever I have ZERO monies!  

Eagerly awaiting to see the new track times!


If you want this system, hit me up!  I'll let a local SN95'er get it for a deeper discount!

Win-Win!!!!!   😁

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22 minutes ago, TTSALEEN said:


If you want this system, hit me up!  I'll let a local SN95'er get it for a deeper discount!

Win-Win!!!!!   😁


I would definitely love to get it.  But even with a deeper local discount, I'd still be short at the moment.  So unless I can win some money at the upcoming Easter race, I'll have to pass for now.



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1 hour ago, White95 said:

I’d buy it but I think it’s overkill for my combo. 🤔 I think it’ll be around 600 whp on E85.


Theres no such thing as overkill on a fuel system.   Do it!

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3 hours ago, TTSALEEN said:

Fuel system is sold.  Met @LWARRIOR1016 last weekend so he could pick it up.  He also got to ride in The Hate Train.  😎


You’re welcome. I’m an excellent “devil’s advocate”.


Right Will?

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  • Moderators

Yeah, thanks for talking me in to it.


Even if I didnt get the fuel system, getting to ride in The Hate Train was wellllll worth the trip.


That thing is freakin incredible!

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12 hours ago, LWARRIOR1016 said:

Even if I didnt get the fuel system, getting to ride in The Hate Train was wellllll worth the trip.

That thing is freakin incredible!

6R80 for the win!  Haha.  Plus twin turbos don't hurt.  LOL

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1st track outing this year since the 6R80 swap.
2 basic shakedown passes.
Forgot my laptop so I couldn't adjust my trans tune.  Shift points were low at 6,000rpm and my boost ramp was slow (for street).
Car twists pretty good since only subframe connectors and unloads on launch so it spins.
Working on a few things to try and make it a little faster........................ :)
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