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May ROTM Honorary Winner - Knuckles

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We often think that since we take such good care of our mustangs that it won't ever happen that an accident will happen.  More likely it will happen to the DD.  I write this for one of those occasions.  In my over a decade of being on mustang forums, i have only seen a handful of these tragedies.  That fact is great, but sadly doesn't comfort the families or fellow forum members in the times they do.  We mourn a fallen brother who has made many contributions to the mustang community.  Specifically the SN95 community with his 1996 Mustang Cobra.  The staff and I have decided to honor his memory by making him the Ride of the Month winner. 


I sadly did not have much personal contact with Knuckles, but from all the others who have it's clearly apparent he was a great guy.  I'm sitting in a Vegas hotel room now looking out over the wide spread city and out in the distance one can see the desolate mountain range.  His home of Arizona is not far, so I feel it helps put me in the mindset to really write a fitting epitaph for him.  Tragedy struck a couple weeks back and left his daughter in the car with him but thankfully she made it out with minimal injuries.  I can't even imagine the scarring that this event has been inflicted on that child's mind and soul.  it times like this that really allows us to show how much of a community we really are, and not just some internet webpage.  There has been a site setup for donations to the family that I urge everyone to show their support. 






We've created a couple of stickers to commemorate his life, his friendship, and his memory.


100% of the proceeds will be going to his family.






The Mustang Logo in the second picture is cut-out.  If you place it on a red car, the mustang logo will be red; on a black toolbox, it will be black; etc. etc. etc.


Please PM @MustangChris here if you'd like to snag a few stickers!


If you'd like to help out the family, but do not want a sticker, please donate here:




This being a Ride of the Month, I have to include the mustang of course but I hope it doesn't overshadow the man who left it behind.

Build Thread: http://www.sn95source.com/topic/582-knuckles-96-cobra-project/


4.6 Teksid Block stock bore
cobra forged crankshaft knife edged
Manley H beam rods
Diamond Custom Pistons compression is 10:1
ARP everything
Ported and Polished Heads, i cant remember the exact amount but they did do a valve job on it
FR 500 Cams and Valvetrain
Block Girdle although for the life of me i cant remember the company whos' piece it is
MMR 7 QT. deep sump oil pan
MMR RTS Sheet metal Intake manifold
MMR Racing Oil Pump and Gear

Rear End:
Stock 8.8
Moser Spool
strange 33 Spline Axles
C-Clip eliminator kit
FRPP SVO cover

Full Q A1 K member and A arms
Removed cobra sway bar
Maximum Motorsports Coil overs
Lakewood 90/10 struts
GRIPP Caster Camber plates

Strange 10 way adjustable shocks
Team Z Anti Roll Bar
Team Z Upper Control arms(relocated Brackets) adjustable
Team Z lower adjustable control arms

Power Adder:
Procharger F2M
Water 2 Air intercooler
Frozen Boost reservoir and water pump

Fuel System:
Trick Flow 120# flow matched injectors
Weldon 2035
Weldon Regulator
RCI 5 Gal Fuel Cell

Coan built Powerglide
J.W Cert. Bellhousing






I also ask everyone to read through the build thread.  There are tons of pictures in there that really show off what was really going on with this car.


Also ROTM will return to normal next month.

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RIP Knuckles


I agree that this isn't just a website, I tell my wife all the time that I don't just get on to ooh and ahh at complete strangers' cars...it's much more than that. I talk to you guys more often than I talk to my local friends. We all know each other's lives, struggles, triumphs, etc. be it car-related or otherwise. I've made many friends over the years through forums, yourself included @Prokiller as I'm sure you already know. This isn't just a hobby and this isn't just a collection of tech and pictures; whatever it is inside our heads that makes this our passion is a common ground, and we all understand that in a way that people without the same interests never will. It's terrible to see someone leave us in such a tragedy, I guess the positive to focus on is that his daughter survived. She has a lot of healing to do, most of which isn't physical. I haven't yet been faced with the sadness of losing a parent, so I can't even imagine how it feels, especially at such a young age. Hats off to Francois and the car he never had a chance to finish.

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I was wishing this was gunna happen! Awesome nomination and winner

Yeah we pretty much decided it the day he passed that we were going to do it.  It's the right thing to do for someone so influential to the mustang scene.

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New banners are up and running.  I went with green in Knuckles name to honor the green flames on the hood.

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uh oh...I missed something. What happened?!

There's a thread about it in the announcements section. But he was in a bad wreck 2 weeks ago. Swerved to miss an oncoming car and rolled his. His daughter was with him and she was okay but he got rushed to the hospital in serious condition. Passed away about 12 hours later :,(

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