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Full Moon Friday Garage w/ attached house

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As some of you know I've been in the process of buying a short sale house.  Should have made settlement on it monday the 9th, but the POS listing agent didn't submit the final approval until that morning and it didn't come through in time.  Took the rest of the week to get all the paperwork squared away and the approvals to go through.  Had to do all of the signing all over again on Friday.  Which ended up being June 13th, which not only was that Friday the 13th, but also a full moon.  that won't happen again until 2049. I'm really excited as this is our first house and i can't see us really needing anything more in the future.  Saved up for the house we wanted right out of the gate. But in proper build thread etiquette, here's some of the pics of how it was listed.


It's a rancher with a fully finished basement located on a dead end road.  it's a stones throw away from two major highways so i'm good for getting around.  the house itself is not quite 1200 sq. ft. which doesn't include the basement.  so effectively it's 2400sq.ft. 


a beautiful brick paver patio on the front of the house.  you can also see the remote controlled electric gate for the driveway.


Obviously the awesomest part is the fact that it has 5 garages...yes you heard right, 5 garages!


Nice big shed on the back of the half acre with a decent size garden with adult strawberry plants.  let me tell you, i'll have strawberries for months!  The trees in this picture are a apple tree, not sure if it's actual apples or crab apples.  there is also a peach tree not pictured.  the backyard is completely fenced in so i can let the dog out without him running off.




Moving inside, you can tell it really needs some updating.  none of the furniture is there anymore.  this is the living room/front door entrance



eat-in kitchen



sun room that's off the side of the kitchen.  or as it will become, my cigar room.



lovely pink tiled 1960's bathroom.....this is next year's project



this is small bedroom right across from the bathroom...awe look they match. how cute!  this will become my office.



"master bedroom"  sadly, no master bath and this room is barely bigger than the other bedroom, but hey, it'll do.



2nd bedroom



Moving down to the basement....it's got a second kitchen for some reason



they have a dining room setup here, but i'll be putting a different type of table there...of the pool variety.



this is just the other end of the room, but you can see the walkout part to the driveway with a large sliding door.



half bath in the basement



now the good stuff, and hence the reason i felt it okay to post up.  THE GARAGES!!!

This is the single door, double bay garage.  they were using it for a basement it seems.  washer/dryer is in here and some of the other mechanicals.  basin sink and a shower for when getting all kinds of dirty doing manly work in the garage.  this is heated by the way.



the oversized garage also has a big heater in it and ceiling insulation.  a lift will be going in here come april next year.





Now that i've covered what we were buying. i have to give a little rant about the time it took and the shenanigans that took place.  the property was a short sale, which we knew would take longer going into it but the listing agent was nothing but a pain in the ass.  his excuse was that he already sold this house and went through the whole process and then the buyer walked away because the septic system didn't mean the proper regulations for a 3 bedroom house.  basically it has to have the capability to dispel 400 gallons a day which is a ton of water for only 2 people.  talking with the septic inspectors, they are confident it's only a clogged or broken pipe after the tank which is a couple hundred to a thousand dollar repair.  but the buyer walked away from it.  After having found this out, we were comfortable putting an offer in on the house.  at this point though, the residents had already left and gone down to Texas.  Meaning the property was vacant.  The oil tank had run dry so i couldn't get it inspected without putting some oil in.  the inspection had to be done BEFORE i put an offer in because the listing agent didn't want another buyer to potentially walk away from the house after he put the paperwork in.  thankfully there were no real surprises with the inspection.  fast forward a month and a half later, we finally get to the point of bank appraisal.  come to find out the tank is empty again (i only put about 10 gallons of diesel in to test it).  SOO i had to put more diesel in after the fact and the heater started smoking like a mofo.  we're now a week away from closing and i can't get a loan without the appraisal.  trying to get a service company out there to look at it was putting us up against the deadline, not to mention the fact that the owner isn't going to be paying for this, i am.  I'm also tending the yard which at this point is above my knees.  i spent all 4 hours with a string trimmer knocking down the yard to a point where i could rake it and then mow it.  took me all day.  anyway, i ended up cleaning the heater myself a week later.  this thing was disgusting.  it must not have been cleaned in a good 5 years.  got it to the point that it was still smoking a little bit, but it was just the excess crap that i dislodged burning off.  got the appraiser back out and we were off the the races.  mowed the lawn twice in this time frame because no one else was going to do it.  i'm maintaining a property i don't even own yet.  finally comes monday, took a vacation day to close on the house and what do you know, that POS listing agent was half hour late.  we signed all the paperwork we needed, but he didn't have all the approvals so we couldn't close.  talk about a huge let down.  Me and the wife were about ready to jump across the table and start strangling the guy.  had to go home and wait for a call that we could do it all over again. 


Got the okay late thursday that we could close on Friday. this time it went smoothly, in and out of there in 30 minutes. off to our new house we went. 


20 minutes after arrival:



3 hours later:


that's the entire first floor's worth of wallpaper.  we got it all stripped and piled up friday night.  It was time to call it for the night.



We had prior engagements saturday that hindered the house work, but i was able to get up there in the morning to mow the lawn.  Starting Sunday fresh, it was off to the guinea pig room, which is my office.  unfortunately, the wallpaper pealed off a decent amount of paint underneath too.  this had to be scraped off and sanded down.  Also, the first floor all has popcorn ceiling (which i despise!).  so that needs to come down too.



looked like a war zone in there.  but hey, i now have a smooth ceiling



we got our first house warming gift from her parents of a weber grill:



me grillin up some eats on the new grill



and the dog exhausted from the all the excitement of running free.



I took off monday to continue working.  got the master bedroom scraped off as well (this is the only other room that pealed off paint).


and the dog somewhat helped i guess



had to go back and clean up the office once the dust all settled and the popcorn dried.



Got a lot done already that i don't have pictures of.

-removed satellite dish from garage roof

-cleaned half the gutters

-trimmed and pulled all the dead bushes

-cleaned out all the leaves and debris from the garages

-fixed the basement bathroom door

-installed all new entry door knobs (didn't want to trust that some relative would still have a key)

-got the oil tank filled

-removed the stupid fencing around the driveway to the yard (why on earth would you want to confine a dog to a driveway is beyond me)

-removed the stupid fence doorway thingy from the screen door

-fixed leaky sink in basement kitchen


we spent last night feathering in spackle in the office so we could smooth out the edges of the paint and then prime.  My Dad actually is there today sanding and priming the room.  which is incredibly awesome of him.  won't be up there again until thursday night as i have to work tonight and tomorrow night.  hoping to have the master bedroom feathered, sanded, and popcorn removed thursday night so i can prime it friday night.  we'll have to sand the rest of the rooms to get all the left over wallpaper residue off the walls but a palm sander makes short work of that.  From there we can paint, which we already have picked out and purchased.  Tentatively we are going to be moving in the week of july 4th.  I have off all next week to get everything accomplished that we need to move in.


Once we get the house squared away, i can then focus on the garage.  right now it's mostly a bigass pile of mustang parts from the in-law's garage attic.  didn't realize how much stuff i had until i had pack it all up and move it. 

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What a debacle, glad you guys finally got it straightened out and into the new place! Looks like it'll be awesome once you're done with it!

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As you know already, I am incredibly jealous of the garage space. And props for jumping in and stripping that awful wallpaper. After some surface changes that will be one pimpin ass house. The house itself is great, just gotta remove the previous owners' taste but that's par for the course in pretty much any pre-owned home.


I have the exact same grill btw, and love it. Can't wait for the grand tour in a couple weeks!

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oh yeah, almost forgot about the name.  I'm thinking of a shop name and came up with Full Moon Friday Performance.  I don't know if it's a winner or not but it's something to start with.



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Congrats Ryan!  Can't wait to see what all you have in store for the house and garages.  Hopefully you make quicker progress than I have  :D

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Ryan, I have a fantastic idea.


Maybe in late summer/early fall, we could throw a little house warming party/OG crew car meet/bro-down since by then some of us will have running cars finally? We haven't seen each other's cars other than Tom's in years and that's a shame.


Oh and I like the shop name, you could incorporate a "Lucky 13" theme into it also :2thumb:

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Holy balls Ryan, what a mess that was.  Looks like it was worth it though, lots of property and tons of garage space! 


I'll just leave this hear: http://www.gregsmithequipment.com/


and probably this ;)http://www.exeloncorp.com/assets/energy/powerplants/docs/Limerick/bro_Limerick_ENG_pib.pdf

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Ok I'm not going to lie, at first I was like damn all that traveling down under has messed you up because I don't see any garage?  Then it was like BAM not 1 but 5 garages and all was right in the world again. Congrats bro.

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thanks guys.


@95riosnake, oh this is already in the works.  I'm actually trying to find a date that could work for a mustang crew get together. 


haha @Steve-Oh.  i've lived in the 10 mile range for the majority of my life.  it doesn't bother me one bit.  we're now less than a mile as the crow flies from the plant but the thought is if something catastrophic were to happen, we'd hopefully be in the instant deadzone vs. the blind and burning for a month area.

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well you know i've wanted another SN for a while now.  hoping that will be in the nearer future now.  as far as a full blown project car though, i've been told by the wife we are doing a 70 chevelle next

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well you know i've wanted another SN for a while now.  hoping that will be in the nearer future now.  as far as a full blown project car though, i've been told by the wife we are doing a 70 chevelle next


In preparation, browse the "Project Updates" section on Pro-touring.com for a while. :2thumb: There are a bunch of badass chevelle builds there. I sometimes consider just changing my focus to muscle cars rather than late model mustangs, but alas, I'm FAR too invested (in multiple ways) in my car lol.

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haha @Steve-Oh.  i've lived in the 10 mile range for the majority of my life.  it doesn't bother me one bit.  we're now less than a mile as the crow flies from the plant but the thought is if something catastrophic were to happen, we'd hopefully be in the instant deadzone vs. the blind and burning for a month area.



For whatever reason I thought you were always out in West Chester.  Completely agree though lol, if something were to happen might as well be super fucked instead of almost fucked! 

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lol @ the title. very jealous man i hate my garage and barely even like my house  :angry:


looks like allot of work but fun work. looks really nice, love the property too. always wanted a big yard for a garden.

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you're more than welcome to come up and hang out next thursday night @Steve-Oh.  troy and dan are coming over because we're heading to laconia the next morning.

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yeah i am going to be taking out the living room wall while i am there i have been watch dyi to prepare myself :lol:  :lol:  :lol: 

more likely you'll be painting that wall, not taking it out.

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I'll be sure to bring a doctor's note about how my arms aren't allowed to paint things until July 1

that's fine Dan, there's plenty of taping off to do too. 

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my dad was there in the mini heat wave we had the past couple days and finished up feathering in the spackle in the office and primed the ceiling/walls.



and him being a smart ass, hung this up:



got the first coat of actual paint on last night.




looks white, but it's actually a very light blue.  the pink carpet doesn't help see the actual color either.



Also got the rest of the spare bedroom's wallpaper residue pulled off the walls, so that room is now ready to be sanded.

Sanded down the bathroom so that's ready to be wiped down and painted tonight.  by the end of tonight, that room will almost be done.  will only need to come back and paint the trim around the window.

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Progress!!!! Keep it up man! 


We just finished up basically our upstairs painting, and i dont think i want to touch another roller for 10 years haha

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I know how much work all that painting can be, the day we signed the papers for our house, we went and fixed the walls and painted the entire living room that night. I think we left around 3 or 4 am lol. Then I came back every night that week cleaning and painting other rooms before we moved in the following weekend. Seems like it will never end now, but it is SOOOOO much easier to do all that painting before you have all your stuff, furniture, etc. in the way.

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Getting dat werk done!  Not wasting any time!


My dad does the same stuff lol. Always some sort of Mopar paraphernalia hiding in my car, hence why the RoadRunner was in my window at Myrtle last year. 

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friday was my last day of work until july 8th!!!  :D pretty much all of it will be working on the house but will get to to escape to Laconia next weekend for a couple days of mustang shenanigans


knocked out a few things last night.  first thing was to fix the upstairs toilet.  installed the new flushmate cartridge.  had to monkey with it a bit to get it adjusted right, but now it's all good.  the office ceiling is now done done.  had to put a second coat on it.


got the bathroom scrubbed down and a coat of paint put on:


ewww ugly yellow with pink tiles...  an off-white will do for now until i gut the bathroom next year.  definitely brightens it in there.


went out and got dinner.  stopped for beer for the weekend.



the wife is spackling and sanding down the master bedroom



doing a good job too...smooooooth




today's agenda:

1. put a second coat on the bathroom if needed

2. lay down some paint on the walls in the office

3. mow the lawn

4. spot spackle (nail holes and such) and then sand the spare bedroom

5. continue to spackle/sand the master bedroom

6. drink beers

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put the second coat on the bathroom, so the walls are now done.  going to come back later with the ceiling white when we do the hallway/kitchen and other bedroom with it.  get one color all done at the same time.


was able to put two coats on the office walls yesterday



it looks more gray/green in these pictures than it actually is.  it's more of a traditional antiquey american flag blue.


also brought up all the booze from the apartment...cause ya know...variety is the spice of life or something like that



i wood puttied all the window frames so that's ready to be slightly sanded and painted.  i also finished pealing off the leftover residue from the wallpaper board in the kitchen.  only have to do the hallway now and that crap is done.  i mowed the lawn in there somewhere too.


we have some help coming today so the agenda is bigger:

1. sand/wipe and then paint the trim in the office and bathroom

2. rip out carpet in office

3. sand the master bedroom and then prime it

4. finish peeling wallpaper residue from hallway

5. sand 2nd bedroom and scrape off popcorn ceiling

6. spackle stairway then sand it down

7. clean bathroom thoroughly

8. pull down all old closet shelving and fill holes (measure for new organizers)

9. grill up some food and consume alcoholic beverages


goal is to have the office completely finished today so that i can start bringing boxes of books and such up to the house with each trip and store it in there.  yes we have the big basement, but that floor needs a serious shampooing and not doing that until after we are done sanding everything down.  also don't trust the atmosphere in the garage to house all my books and such. 

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Maybe you'll get lucky and there's hard wood under that pink carpet! That would be awesome. Doing great work for sure.


I'm sure you realized I was joking before, if you need some help ripping shit out or something when Troy and I are there Thursday I'd be glad to help.


And popcorn ceilings are the worst thing since asbestos IMO.


I enjoy step 9.


Has the mustang made its way to the new house yet, or will it by Thursday? I still haven't seen it in person with the new front, spoiler, wheels, etc. yet.

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man if you find hardwood under that carpet, that would be a huge score! friend just bought a house last year and his WHOLE UPSTAIRS was covered in carpet, and it had white oak wood under it.  had it all sanded and refinished and it turned out amazing.  the luck of some people hah

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i knew you were joking Dan, oh trust me, i have some really nasty bitch work for you guys to do!  actually the biggest help right now will be trying to organize the big garage.  We can also go through my plethora of mustang parts that are currently laying in a big pile.  the mustang is getting inspected tomorrow and will be brought home from there so yes you'll be able to see it with the new digs on it.


Sunday didn't go exactly as planned, but we did get a decent amount accomplished. 


the master bedroom got the rest of the spackling done and a coat of primer laid down.  still need to edge in primer, but the bulk of it is done.


the in-law's were in a popcorn ceiling stripping mood, so they pulled the spare bedroom and the living down




got the bathroom trim painted but didn't get to clean up the room yet.  decided to wait anyway since we still have to paint the ceiling in there and didn't make sense to get it all clean since it will need a cleaning later anyway



now onto the awesome update from yesterday; the office.  Houston, we have hardwood!  and it's gorgeous!




took me long than i anticipated to get the carpet tack strips up and all the staples out of the floor so i didn't get to paint all the trim before it was 11 o'clock last night.  but i can tell you i'm quite happy with this floor.  I also pulled down the closet crap in there and painted that all so it's ready for organizers to go in.


today's agenda

1. take delivery of washer/dryer

2. finish painting trim in office

3. finish priming edges in master bedroom and readdress any areas that need more attention.  hopefully we'll be able to lay a coat of actual color tonight.

4. peel wallpaper reside from hallway

5. sand walls in spare bedroom

6. grill up some burgers because we ended up ordering pizza last night instead.

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